I’m Here To Help You Grow Your Email List and Business

Sally Ann Miller

Do any of the following sound familiar:

I know how you feel.

When I started my first business I created an email list. I knew I was supposed to have one. But I became frustrated by how long it took to grow my list. Even worse, people weren’t opening my emails or clicking on my links.

I wanted to understand why email marketing wasn’t working for me and how I could make things better.

I knew I could crack this. I’m a business and systems person. I have degrees in business (MBA) and Computer Science (BSc). Plus a 20-year career in business analysis and information technology. I’m also stubborn about learning how things work.

I read everything I could about email marketing. I took courses. I experimented. And eventually I figured things out.

In less than 6 months, I grew my list to 1000 local Moms. Over half of these became paying customers.

I want to show you how you can use email marketing to grow your list and business. When you sign up for my free newsletter, you’ll learn how to:

The bottom line is this. When done right, you can use email marketing to generate a steady stream of sales.

Best of all – it can all be automated. Freeing up more time to spend with family, focus on other parts of your business, or pursue whatever it is you love to do most.

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Here’s what other business owners are saying:

Connecting with Sally has felt like a true gift from the Universe! She offered an excellent website review, which truly helped me understand how I could refine my website messaging to gain new subscribers. Even when I had questions, she went far above and beyond to help me hone in on my WOW statement and make it clear to my ideal clients that they were in the right place.

Rachael Roehmholdt, Holistic Health Coach for Mamas

Thank you for your thoughtful and specific feedback, Sally. It helped me get clear on my WOW statement and the presentation of copy on my website, which in turn assisted me in getting more in touch with my overarching Brand mission. Powerful stuff…thank you, thank you!!

Amber Lilyestrom, Brand Love

Sally conducted a thorough review of my website and her assessment is spot-on. I can’t wait to get in and make her suggested changes. She also did a great job of pointing out the good things about the site and didn’t simply rip it apart. I am grateful for that! She is kind, professional, and DEFINITELY knows her stuff!

Dori Eppstein-Ransom, Talk To Dori

I loved the format of your feedback. It was great to see that I was already doing a bunch of things right. And the feedback for the changes you recommended was very clear. You also explained why I would want to do them (which I personally like). I also think it’s invaluable to get direct feedback from an expert, because I can’t always see what’s working and what’s not.

Peggy Freeh, Simple Daily Practice

Thank you so much for your website review – it’s so useful. Really clear and actionable.

Emma Gwillim, Clarity & Confidence Coach for Working Mums